About Me and My Round Looms

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It all started when my mother gave me a little circular loom. I looked at it in disdain and skepticism. I thought to myself, “What is my mom up to this time?” So, I took a bite and decided to try it. I looked at the printed instructions on how to make a hat, but was so confused. Do this to what? This to that? What? How?

In my frustration, I started doing a Google search for this type of loom. I was surprised on how many tutorials were out there. And thus, started my learning on how to make crafting projects on a loom. I was amazed on how short a time I could finish one little preemie/newborn hat. I learned that this is an alternative for knitting with needles. I also discovered this was also faster than crocheting a hat, like I used to do. I thought to myself, “This could be a start of a new friendship.”

Since then, I had graduated from making preemie/newborn hats and on to child hats and now, to adult hats. I have done a lot of searching through the Interwebs of different patterns I could try on a round loom.  I’ve shared pictures of my creations to my family and they had requested I make some for them.

Thus begins my journey in round looming.

Update: I still take credit in my introduction to loom knitting to my all-time favorite circle looms. But since this site has been conceived, I have evolved in the land of loom knitting. I still do a lot of round looming, but I have also acquired different kinds of looms:  Martha Stewart Crafts™ Knit & Weave Loom Kit and Authentic Knitting Board (KB) looms – Tadpole, Sock Loom, All-In-One Loom, etc. Who knows? My loom collection may continue to grow from here on out.

Latest Update: This site continues to evolve! I have added my crochet projects here are as well.

I hope these projects inspire you to make your own creations. Happy crafting!


2 thoughts on “About Me and My Round Looms

  1. I’m new & learning with my circle knifty knitter set. I was VERY happy to find ur site!… Round looming projects are difficult to find, I can’t help but think maybe I should’ve bought the long loom instead… Until I found ur site ;))


    1. Great to hear! I suggest some sites that have helped me:

      Loom A Hat – lots of patterns and all for the round loom. :)
      PurlingSprite – some tutorials and patterns from Isela. :)
      Ravelry – lots of patterns also from different users, ranging from loom knitting to crocheting.
      Knitting Rays of Hope – quite a few interesting loom knit patterns, including the pattern of the Minion Hat I had made.

      Also lots of video tutorials in YouTube! They really helped me a lot:
      Round Loom Knitting for Beginners

      Good luck! :)


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