Twisted Garter Hat

I started making hats on the loom again, this time using my new Leisure Arts Ultimate Oval Loom Set. From the instruction book that came with the set, I made the Twisted Garter Hat, which I’m going to use as a base for some Pokemon hats for the girls in time for their Fun Friday at school, which is Pokemon themed. The one I finished below will be the base of the Bulbasaur hat. I will also make a Squirtle hat after this one.

The hat came out great, it’s nice and soft and easy to put on the head. I used the child-sized loom to make the hat. It took me about 4 hours to make the first hat, but I assume it will be less time when I make the second hat as I already know the steps how to make it.

I’ll edit this post or create a new post showing the new Pokemon hats I hope to finish in two days!

Edit: Finished the blue base color for Squirtle hat below. I’ll post something new when I finish the rest. :)


3 thoughts on “Twisted Garter Hat

  1. These are just Beautiful! Can you tell me what size loom you used what yarn and was it make in the round or as a flat piece? I really new at loom knitting! Sorry for asking so many questions.


    1. Hi, Tena! No problem at all. Ask away! :) As for the loom, I used the smaller of the Oval Looms – you can find it in WalMart stores or the Leisure Arts website. I also used the Twisted Garter free pattern in the booklet that came with the loom set, and it was in the round. I only used a regular worsted (4) yarn.


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