Hat For Sophia

Photo Oct 08, 21 14 43

Still doing some school colors for my nephew and nieces. This one is for Sophia.

I did the Zig Zag Chevron Hat with a few modifications due to the fact I am using a 36-peg round loom.


3 thoughts on “Hat For Sophia

  1. Love the zig zag chevron pattern. Can you provide instructions using round loom? I’m a beginner loom user. My son asked me to make him a hat with this pattern to match his winter coat. Thank you . Had a hard time finding this pattern for round loom.

    1. Hello, H Dempsey! Thanks for visiting my site. I learned a lot from LoomAHat.com and also from Isela Phelps. Please refer to my Links section for their websites. Also, the pattern for this Zig Zag Chevron hat is from here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/zig-zag-chevron-hat – I actually had to skip a few rows as the stitches are bigger. Unfortunately, the inside isn’t so pretty, as there are a bunch of yarn color changes. I really think it’s best to knit this or either crochet this pattern. I hope that helps. Good luck on your hat making! :)

  2. Thank you for the reply and tips. I had a feeling it may be recommended to knit or crochet this pattern. I appreciate your expertise!

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